Neighbourhood House Helene Kaisen

Create a togetherness

Experience democracy

Encourage diversity

Welcome to the neighbourhood house Helene Kaisen! Since 1952 we have been offering – as the first community centre in Bremen – a variety of activities for young and old. In addition to leisure groups and a community centre, there is also a day care centre for children in our house.

Our aim is to promote civic engagement, activate cultural education opportunities and strengthen cooperation between different social groups. We offer a wide range of cultural events and also function as a meeting place in the district.

Are you looking for a place to realise your own ideas, do you have an idea for a new offer or are you looking for suitable rooms for your event?

Our doors are always open for new suggestions.

Neue Fassadengestaltung am na’

Ein Teil der Außenfassade des na’ springt nun besonders ins Auge. Von Jugendlichen wurden Motive gestaltet und gemeinsam mit einem professionellen Sprayer an die Wand gebracht.

Das Nachbarschaftshaus entsteht

Der Nachbarschaftshaus Bremen e.V. wurde 1952 gegründet. Die Entstehungsgeschichte und ersten ersten Jahre sind in einem Video dokumentiert.